My Own Ted Talk!

For my last audio assignment, I decided to do the “Ted Talk Pronunciation Practice” prompt. I always struggled with giving presentations. The worst part was always getting my words jumbled around. All the random pauses and stutters are what I need to improve. Thankfully with this assignment, it’s just audio, which I think is a […]

Betty Botter and Her Bitter Butter

For my third audio assignment, I chose to do the “Tongue Twister” prompt. I decided on attempting to do Better Botter tongue twister! I have always liked saying tongue twisters. I’ve tried Wood Chuck and Peter Piper, but I’ve never heard of Betty Botter and her butter! So I tried something new.  This took a […]

A Day in Sound Effects

I completed the “Sound Effects Story” prompt for my second audio assignment. For this assignment, I used 11 different sounds to put together a simple story in under 90 seconds! The background of the story I created is about a student having a typical summer day. In this story, the student packs up their belongings […]