Week 4 Daily Creates

10th of June 2019: I’m no artist but here’s a little doodle of one of my all-time favorite books, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury! #tdc2707 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/LSQtMzxkSU — Angel Kumonong (@angelk1208) June 11, 2019 11th of June 2019: been constantly listening to Sucker by Jonas Brothers ever since their comeback! #tdc2708 #ds106 https://t.co/rHTN8fXvA2 — Angel […]

My Own Ted Talk!

For my last audio assignment, I decided to do the “Ted Talk Pronunciation Practice” prompt. I always struggled with giving presentations. The worst part was always getting my words jumbled around. All the random pauses and stutters are what I need to improve. Thankfully with this assignment, it’s just audio, which I think is a […]

Betty Botter and Her Bitter Butter

For my third audio assignment, I chose to do the “Tongue Twister” prompt. I decided on attempting to do Better Botter tongue twister! I have always liked saying tongue twisters. I’ve tried Wood Chuck and Peter Piper, but I’ve never heard of Betty Botter and her butter! So I tried something new.  This took a […]