A Day in Sound Effects

I completed the “Sound Effects Story” prompt for my second audio assignment. For this assignment, I used 11 different sounds to put together a simple story in under 90 seconds! The background of the story I created is about a student having a typical summer day. In this story, the student packs up their belongings […]

The Gym

Earlier this week, I decided to take pictures of the gym I go to. While I was there, I realized that the gym is a perfect example of the design concept, Rythm/Pattern. The gym is divided into different sections, depending on the type of exercises. There is an abs section, the weights, cardio, stretching, etc. […]


This is a photo of the chandelier that is above my kitchen table. This chandelier represents the design concept, Unity. Trent Sizemore has a blog post about the different elements of design. In the post, he mentions that “[an example of unity] could be separated into each part as its own piece, but together they […]