A Day in Sound Effects

I completed the “Sound Effects Story” prompt for my second audio assignment. For this assignment, I used 11 different sounds to put together a simple story in under 90 seconds!

The background of the story I created is about a student having a typical summer day. In this story, the student packs up their belongings and drive to the library. They walk inside and find a seat, and start their work right away. This includes going on the computer, reading, and writing. Then they head to the gym and back home.

Woman Sitting in Front of Macbook

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Not sure how well it worked, but I still find bits of the audio choppy since I am still figuring out how to do transitions and such.

To create this sound effect story:

I found all of the sounds I wanted to use on freesound.org.

I went to Audacity and imported the audio files in order.

After I got the audio in order, I made sure to cut each audio and paste them at the end of the previous audio. This way, the different audios do not get mixed or layered. I also cut part of the sound effects that I don’t want to use.

Some of the audios are noticeably louder than others so I went to Effects – Amplify to adjust the volume.

After the volume and the length of the story is fixed, I went to the WavePad, so save the audio as an MP3 file.

Hopefully, the pieces that I make in the future are smoother and have a nicer flow, but as for now, here it is!

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