All These Different Platforms!

I had a fun time creating new accounts for these new social media platforms. At first I was confused while creating some of the accounts because I was not familiar with them except for a few.

For Twitter, I already had an account where I keep up with music artists and other celebrities. However last summer, I made a personal account that is used for school or to keep touch with friends. For right now, I am just using it for school.

I am certain that Youtube is my most-frequently visited website of all time. I am subscribed to so many channels and watch all kinds of Youtubers. Though apart from uploading an intro video for another online class that I took last summer, I have never made a video myself. I also realize that being in front of the camera makes me a bit more awkward than usual!

I always hear about SoundCloud from my musically-talented friends and other artists that I follow on Instagram and such. I go on it sometimes to check out songs that I friends made, but I never made my own account. I thought that SoundCloud is only for uploading music, but I have seen some social media influencers upload their podcasts. Here is a silly audio clip of me attempting to play the piano, enjoy!

Flickr is the one platform that I was completely unfamiliar with. I had no idea what it was, but I’m glad to find out that it’s a photo-sharing website! I love taking photos of food, and nature. I also love taking photos of my friends and family, especially when I visit new places or go on vacations! I can definitely see myself using it more often in the future.

Always in the Mood for Boba!

So that’s all the new accounts and I cannot wait to familiarize myself with them more and make all sorts of new posts!

Au revoir,


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