Becoming a Better Photographer

First, I watched a YouTube video going in depth about Visual Literacy. I learned that every photo has a meaning behind it. I learned that a single photo can be interpreted differently depending on the person looking at it. Each photo also raises the question of why it was originally taken and the photographers intention on how the way the took the image.

While I was taking pictures throughout the week, I kept in mind a few tips from the list provided in book by David duChemin, Ten: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of them Include Buying a Gear. My favorite pictures were the ones I took around my neighborhood:

bright yellow
Pretty Red

In general, I started becoming more selective on the things that I was photographing. I took a few pictures of flowers and took the tip of “looking to the light” made sure that the light was hitting the flowers in the way that made their colors pop. I also kept in mind of the background and the aesthetics, to make my pictures clear and pleasing to the eye. What I learned about visual storytelling, is that a well-taken photo is able to convey a story.

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