Being a Fashion Designer

Stay Comfy!

The first design assignment that I chose is the “Designer Duds” prompt. The prompt says to create an outfit for a character from a movie or a book, or even “your DS106 character”, which in this case is me, Angel!

There are two outfits displayed: one for at-home and one for going out. I love to roam around the house in running shorts and a large hoodie. Even though it’s summer, I get cold due to the blasting AC in the house, so an oversized hoodie and socks are a must. When I am at home, my top priority is to be comfortable!

When I get out of the house, I stick with a simple and casual outfit. My go-to outfit is a crop top and black leggings. As for shoes, I wear my checkered Vans with almost all of my outfits. I bring a small backpack with me when I go out, but I use a bigger school backpack when I go to the library to do my school work.

The accessories I wear every day are my favorite pair of diamond stud earrings. Whether I’m eating or working on my laptop, I always need to have my hair out of my face. This is why I will most likely have a scrunchy around my wrist, or in my hair at all times! Makeup for me is always very minimal and simple, I usually go with mascara and colored lip balm. I love putting on White Musk body spray, as well!

The assignment prompt suggested to use the website, Polyvore, but it seems like that website is no longer available. I searched for ones that seemed similar to it and found I found the site pretty straightforward.

I used the search bar to find all the clothing pieces and the accessories I wanted.

Once I gathered all the pieces together, I organized it in a way that, the two outfits on each side with the accessories in the middle.

from this…

to this:

Stay Comfy!

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