Betty Botter and Her Bitter Butter

For my third audio assignment, I chose to do the “Tongue Twister” prompt. I decided on attempting to do Better Botter tongue twister!

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I have always liked saying tongue twisters. I’ve tried Wood Chuck and Peter Piper, but I’ve never heard of Betty Botter and her butter! So I tried something new.  This took a lot of trial-error, I could not say it right for the longest time! It was bitter, better, butter, Botter, BLAH. I said it twice in normal speed, then I would try to say it faster each time after that. Recording this took many deep breaths and sips of water to get the tongue twister right!

After what seems like 100 takes, I finally got one where I said it correctly. Then I started editing it, which was when I found out the audio was too quiet! When I amplified the audio to the maximum, it was still too quiet!? What?! I didn’t remember whispering… I just remember struggling! Because the audio was too soft, I decided to do another take. This time though, I used my headphones and used the microphone that is attached. I talked a bit louder than last time and made sure I was talking into the mic.

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To do this assignment was simple:

I recorded myself saying the tongue twister on my phone’s Voice Memo app.

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After that, I went to find some free music to put in the background. I found some good tunes from this site. I decided on using the song, In A Jiffy by Stephen Bennett.

I imported my voice memo as well as the background music to Audacity.

I used the Effects – Amplify feature to adjust the volume.

Here was the adjustment to make my voice memo louder.

Here is the adjustment to make the background music softer.

I wanted to make the background music gradually come to an end rather than an abrupt stop. To make this change, I clicked Effects – Fade Out.

Once that’s done, I did one last listen, to make sure everything is good, and VIOLA!

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  1. Good work, I’ve never heard this tongue twister before but I like it. I used the super basic how much wood could a wood chuck chuck. I think you could’ve been a little louder when saying it, the music in the background is a little overtaking your voice.

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