Let’s Recreate Titanic!

For my fourth visual assignment, I picked the “Recreate A Famous Movie Scene” prompt. The scene I chose is from the famous movie, Titanic. My friends and I, for some reason, would always recreate random movie scenes, and Titanic is one of them!

Image result for titanic scene

First I asked my friend if he wanted to help me recreate the scene for this assignment. After he agreed, we had to decide on where we should take the photo. I chose to take the photo at my neighborhood park, because there is an open platform that could mimic as the front of the ship in Titanic. We got up there and posed! I also had the help of my sister to take the photo of my friend and I. It took a couple of tries because we kept on laughing mid picture and we tried to be serious. Then, I realized one of the photos where we were smiling, turned to be the best one. Here is how it turned out!

Look similar to something?

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