Long Hair Like Rapunzel!

Strong hair just like Rapunzel!

For my fourth design assignment, I chose to do the “Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character” prompt. I decided to count this one as the assignment worth 4 stars or more!

Growing up, I was absolutely in love with Disney Princesses. My favorite princesses have got to be: Ariel, Rapunzel, and Jasmine! As a little girl, I dream about being able to swim freely and talk to fish just like Ariel.

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No kidding, I had a vivid dream that a random cute boy like Aladdin asked me to fly with him on a magic carpet? (Weird, but true).

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Most of all, I have also longed for Rapunzel’s hair. As a 10-year-old, with a bowl cut, I wanted beautiful luscious hair like her. Imagine how fun it would be to swing around the house, with my hair!!! I also thought that if my hair was strong enough, I would’ve had no problem leaving that castle. If I were a princess stuck in a tall castle like Rapunzel, I would have stuck my head out the window and lassoed my hair onto a tree and BOOM I’m out!

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To do any of those cool tricks as Rapunzel, I would need strong, silky and long hair. All of this gave me the idea of using her to advertise anti-breakage and strengthening hair conditioner. After all, she is the perfect fit.

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To create this edit:

I first looked up a simple photo of a bottle of conditioner. I wanted to find a bottle that went along the lines of hair strengthening.

For the photo of Rapunzel, I looked for a photo of her hair in flying swirls, or just her holding her hair. The photo I used already had a transparent background, which will make it easier to edit onto the conditioner bottle.

I took the two photos and transfer them to the Adobe Photoshop Mix.

I made the bottle photo as the bottom layer and the Rapunzel photo on top.

I decided to cover the Pantene logo and put Rapunzel in the center.

I went to the Phonto app to add text onto the bottle.

I uploaded the edited photo from the Adobe Photoshop Mix app.

To add text, I clicked anywhere on the picture.

I settled with the catchphrase, “If Rapunzel can have strong, silky hair, you can too!”. To make the letters fit on the bottle, I divided “If Rapunzel can have strong,” and “silky hair, you can too!” into 2 separate texts.

To change the font, I clicked the text and clicked Font. I wanted to add onto the Disney theme by making the letters cursive and fancy. I used the Baskerville Italic font.

I changed the color to a pastel purple. This way the catchphrase will match the Disney aesthetic, as well as Rapunzel’s dress. To change the font color to purple, I clicked the text and Styles and set the color settings as such:

I had to adjust the size of the text so that it will be centered on the bottle. I clicked the texts and Size. I adjusted the size with the dot scale.

Once everything was set, I saved the final picture and done!

Strong hair just like Rapunzel!

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