Moo Thru

Moo Thru

Earlier this week, I went to an ice cream place called, Moo Thru. The name title on the building reminds me of the Metaphors and Symbols concept.

The main symbol of the sign is the cartoon cow’s head. Its eyes resemble the O’s in “Moo”. The bottom of the U in “Thru” has a cow udder, and tail on the side, representing the back of a cow. On top of that, the letters have the cow print. Underneath the main title, there are two pieces of white wooden blocks that read “real•ice cream from real•dairy farmers”. The ice cream shop is also a stand-alone building that is in the shape of a barn.

The designers of the company had the intention to push the fact that their ice cream is made from real dairy. This is effective because the emphasis on real dairy is truly shown on all aspects of the designs, and not just words.

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