Mid Week 1 Summary

I am glad that this class required us students to make and/or use our websites. During my freshman year, I heard that students of UMW are able to create their own websites through the school for free! I was going to make my website, but never got around to it until now.

Even though it was time consuming, I had an easy time creating all of my social media accounts. I think that Flickr took the longest time to figure out. I was already familiar with Twitter and Youtube, mostly because I tweet and watch Youtube videos often. For SoundCloud, I thought the process of uploading the audio files to be more complicated than it was.

So far this week, I did two Daily Creates. My first response was uploaded on Monday, May 20 for Daily Create #tdc2686. My second response was uploaded on Tuesday, May 21 for Daily Create #tdc2687.

One thing I struggled through the week was keeping up with all of the passwords, like my old Yahoo! email that I used to create my Flickr account. Thankfully I found the password saved on a notebook!

Now that I have my own website, I find myself excited to write and post for the blog. I loved putting together the introduction post for my social media platforms. I plan to learn more about customizing my website as well as my other pages.

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