Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti began with beeping and static noises represent the setting. The conversation exchanged through the radio became hectic when the characters talked faster and the alarm going off. There is an abrupt ending when the voices and the noises cut off. The audio picks back up after a few seconds of silence. It starts with a man announcing the tragedy.

The podcast then continues with the introduction of the cast and an explanation of the beginning. As the person is talking, there is subtle background noise. Then there is a transition for the story to begin, which is shown by silence. While the two astronauts are talking to each other, there are subtle air/wind noises in the back. Their voices are also slightly muffled to show that they are in suits. I noticed that one voice sounds louder and clearer, while the other is much softer.

While the two astronauts were taking the photos, there was slow and suspenseful, almost eerie music in the background. Other times, when the astronauts are talking, their voices are bare and isolated. The announcement from the beginning is reenacted to conclude the end of the podcast.

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