On the Moon?!

alone on the moon!

For my fifth design assignment, I completed the “Are We There Yet?” prompt.

Young Angel had the dream to grow up to be a flight attendant, a random job, but she loved flying and traveling so much that all she wanted to do was that, and earn money while doing it!

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Somewhere along those lines, Angel heard that in order to get the job, she needed to have perfect vision. Young Angel in third grade was absolutely crushed. She cried with her glasses on, and thought “why did I have to play the Gameboy so much, that I have to wear glasses, AND NOW I CAN’T BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT??”

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Her interest in the sky and flying didn’t stop there though. Her interest expanded to learning about space and planets. She had the idea, “Hmm, maybe I will just be an astronaut, that way I can visit the planets and the moon.” That job seems extremely more complicated than being a flight attendant. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

So today I thought, “hey, why not send myself to the moon?” Now here I am! On the moon, staring back at the Earth, wondering how it’s doing. You know, I was really not dressed for the occasion… I was just in a coat and a beanie.. not the ideal outfit for walking around in space!

How I made this edit:

I found 3 photos I want to use, one of myself, the moon/Earth, and the starry background.

Even though I found an amazing quality photo on Google Images, I decided against using it. I didn’t want to risk trouble with copyright issues. So I reverted back to pexels.com to chose another photo. I was glad to find a photo that was very similar! This is also where I found the starry background.

To start the editing, I went on the Adobe Photoshop Mix app.

At first, I only inserted two photos: the moon, and my photo. I made sure that my photo is the top layer.

Then I use the Cut Out Basic Eraser tool to get rid of the original background of my photo.

Because in the photo I was facing left and looking upwards, I positioned the photo to be on the right side of the Earth.

I then added the starry background photo and place it as the bottom layer. It was a bit difficult to make this as the background. I had to enlarge the photo so that I am able to cover all the empty blank space.

I clicked the middle layer, the moon photo and went to the Cut Out Basic Eraser tool to make the stars show through. I was careful to zoom in while adding the stars because I did not want to accidentally cover the Earth.

All set!

Now I can say I’ve been on the moon!

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