TED Radio and Scottlo

The TED Radio Hour is a short audio clip, with commentary included.

From the short clip, I learned that when the audio has multiple speakers, the narration shifts once that new speaker enters the conversation. Once a story is being told, the background music is added. The calming music was layered with soft voices. In the audio clip, it is easy to hear the background music becoming more intense and prominent, as the story progresses. As the podcast was coming to a close, the music softens and eventually stops.

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Scottlo touched on a few audio assignments in his radio show. I watched:

Episode 1

Episode 8

Episode 11

From these episodes, I learned that volume is a big part in making a transition smooth. To fix it, you want to make sure the volume of each clip is leveled and don’t forget to change all so one audio is not as abrupt. Unless of course, that is the intention of the creator. Something to really pay attention to is how the creator makes his transition during the change of dialogue or scene.


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  1. Yes! All of your observations are absolutely correct and after re-listening to the audio, I did pay much more attention to the diffrent tones of the music in the TED Radio Hour. However, I’m curious to know your insight on the tone and the manner in which Ted speaks. What are your thoughts? Becasue to me, everything I learned from the 3 minute audio, I felt that I was just talked to a friend. It didn’t feel as if the information was being thrown at me, but rather it was gently handed to me, in an easy to follow manner.

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