The Weekend & A Cappella!

For my first audio assignment, I chose to do the “Instrumental VS Vocals” prompt.¬† Now that I finished it, it was a bit difficult for my first assignment… Perhaps I should have picked a simple one first. Nonetheless, here it is!

There was a time at school, where I would pick a handful of songs and I would listen to them, every day, on repeat.  I listened to them to the point where I almost disliked them. If I were to listen to those songs today, I would just get a flashback of me overplaying it. Now I know not to do that!

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While working on this assignment, it reminded me of that story. I was working on figuring things out and how to work the audio software for a while. It almost made me get tired of the songs. But I am super glad that it didn’t take so long that I hated the songs, phew!

For the instrumental, I picked The Weekend, by SZA.

For the vocals, I used Daniel Ceasar’s A Cappella.

The Process:

First I converted the songs I found on YouTube to audio files using this website.

To start, I used the Audacity app.

Image result for audacityI added the two audio files by importing them.

The audio file for the instrumental was much longer than the file for the vocals. So I had to edit and cut the end portion of the file, which I was not using.

To make the mashup sound more pleasant, I made the instrumental a lot quieter. To do this, I clicked Effect – Amplify, to adjust the volume.

Unfortunately, I could not get LAME mp3 Encoder, because my computer for some reason would not download it. I had to export the edited file, normally, as a WAV file instead of MP3. Then, I had to download another program, called WavePad.Image result for wavepad logo

In Wave, I opened my WAV audio file into the programmed, made no changes, then saved it as an MP3 format.

All done!

It might not be the greatest¬†mashup ever made, but hey, I think it’s pretty alright for my first audio project.

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  1. This is really impressive! Thank you for adding in all your steps. I’ve had some trouble doing these exact effects and getting it to a WAV file. I’ll definitely come back to this tutorial post when I’m editing in the future!

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