Weekly Summary 1

I have always liked taking photos, but I never really thought about the different elements that went along with it. I enjoyed learning about the tips and tricks into making me a better photographer.

I was having trouble trying to make a photo gallery on Flickr. I figured that to put my photos from the 15-minutes Photo Blitz challenge, was to organize it all in an album on Flickr. You can find my Photo Safari here. Along with the photos, I also wrote about my experience and reflection.

On the span of this week, I did four Daily Creates.

May 20, 2019:

May 21, 2019:

May 23, 2019:

May 26, 2019- For this Daily Create and I wanted to photoshop a piece of art onto the toast, and I did not know how to do that. I searched for a photo editing app for my phone and I settled for “Adobe Photoshop Mix“. I am glad that I did because I really like the turn out of the edit:

I also replied to a couple of my classmates’ tweets this week:

I had the most fun completing all four of my Visual Assignments and My Very Own Spubble. I felt that I was allowed to be as creative as possible. There were so many prompts to choose from, it was hard to just pick four! I enjoyed writing the blog posts.

I am still very new to photo editing, so my goal is to play around with the photoshop app on my phone and become better with edits. I liked the assignments for this week. Apart from making me take more careful and better photos, I also got a lot more comfortable with using Flickr!

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