Bucket List!

bucket list

For my first Visual Assignment, I chose to do the “Bucket List” prompt. My bucket list consists of:

  • Graduating college
    • This is obviously part of my bucket list, as it would be such a great accomplishment to finish school and get my degree!
  • Visiting Switzerland
    • I once did a project on Switzerland for my French class in the 7th grade, and since then have always wanted to visit.
  • Visiting Korea
    • Korea is one of those countries that I would love to visit and tour around, I especially want to get a taste of the street food they have.
  • Buying my dream home
    • When I am older I hope to be financially stable and be able to buy a home for me and my family.

To create this collage, I saved four royalty free photos, from pexels.com, that fits the description of my bucket list. Then I used an app of my phone “Layout from Instagram” to create the collage. After saving the edit, I transferred the photo to another app called “Phonto”, to add the white text.

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