How To: Opposites Photo

They’re opposites

I made this photo edit to put in my final story. It was inspired by the visual assignment prompt, Opposites Attract Meme. Though I did not turn it into a meme, I made the edit fit my story. This edit represents the two main characters, Draco and Sam, who have two differing personalities.

How I made this edit:

  • I started by looking for two photos that would fit the characters. For Draco, I picked an image from Google Images. For Sam, I didn’t want to use a personal photo so I downloaded a photo from

  • After I decided on my photos, I went to edit them on the Adobe Photoshop Mix app on my phone. I clicked the + button on the top right corner to start my project.

  • I imported Sam’s photo first by clicked Image – On my iPhone.

  • To add Draco’s photo next, I clicked the + button in the middle of the screen, this added the Draco photo as the top layer.
  • Next, I edited out the background of Draco’s photo. To do this I used the Cut Out Basic Eraser tool.
  • I wanted to fix the coloring of the two images, so I used the Looks Feature and picked a filter for the separate photos For Draco, I used Sweet. For Sam, I picked Instant.

  • I saved the edited photo to my camera roll and went to a different app, VSCO. I began by pressing the + button on the top right corner to add my image.

  • Once I added my image, I pressed the icon with the 2 bars with circles on them, to see the filters.
  • I went with the filter, ACG with the setting on +10.4.

  • Once I was satisfied with the final photo, I hit ‘Save’  and the three dots, which gave me the option to Save to Camera Roll.

All Done!

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