How To: Sam’s Bakery Logo


I created a logo for one of the settings in my story. I got the idea from the Design Assignments prompt, Create A Logo. This is a very simple logo that is used to represent the bakery that one of the characters in my story owns.  The outline is of a steaming loaf of bread, and the letters are in brown, the color of baked bread!

How I made the logo:

  • First, I went to and used the search bar to find a bread logo that I thought would be fitting.

  • I decided to go with a loaf of bread that way I can add the text in the middle.

  • Before I added the text, I enlarged the logo by dragging the corners outward.

  • I also changed the color of the bread by clicking the color block on the menu board on the left-hand side. Once I clicked it, a color wheel pops up.

  • Then I added the text by clicking the T button on the menu board on the left.

  • I added the words “Sam’s Bakery” and made sure to enlarge and center it. I moved the text by clicking and dragging it. I  also customized the font styles, I decided on Designer Picks – Playfair Display. I both italicized and bolded the text.

  • To save, I clicked the Save button on the top right corner.

  • In order to save the logo in HD resolution, you have to pay $19. So I saved in Low Resolution, the outcome is just as good! In Low Resolution, it is required to give credit, which is fine!



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