Ira Glass & Jad Abumrad

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In the first video of Ira Glass speaking about Storytelling, he elaborated on the main components that go into telling a story.

He mentioned that audibly telling a story is much different than telling a story with written words. There are two major aspects of telling a story: Anecdote and Moment of Reflection.

I learned that anecdote is the sequence of the story, how is it told. Glass states that a boring material can be told in a certain way, that it becomes interesting. As long as the story has a sense of movement, then it will make the story better to listen to. One thing that Glass said is raising questions in a story, which I never really think about. The order that a story is told will create suspense and raise questions for the listeners. It is important that the story is answering questions as it goes on.

Moment of Reflection is the point of the story. Glass explains that this is the “Why was this story told in the first place?” The story should somehow explain the original intention of sharing the story.

I also watched the second video where Ira Glass explains what makes a story a good story.

When creating a project, such as a story in audio form, it is important to think about the story itself. Glass said, “Often the amount of time of finding a decent story is more than the amount it takes to produce the story”. This means finding a good story that is worth sharing.

Harry Potter Book and Black Headphones With TrinketI learned that when there is a story to tell, you have a certain feeling about it, so much so that made you want to share it. Therefore, when it is time to share, you must let those feelings show through the stories. This will help the story be delivered the way you want it to.

When I make my own stories, I hope to have a proper sequence, where my story is easy to follow and that it would overall make sense. I also aim to put emotions into the stories that I tell or make so that the outcome of my story is much more special and memorable.

In the short interview with Jad Abumrad, I really like how he mentioned how one of the reasons that the radio is fascinating because of its lack of pictures. As Abumrad said, I figured that the radio, “involves co-authorship [between the creator and the listener]”. To me, this means that the story that is told through radio allows the listener to use their imagination to create their own picture.



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