For my second Animated GIF assignment, I completed the “DS106 Reacts” prompt.

The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a video post of Lala, the yellow Teletubbies dancing, someone made a meme of it. That, for some reason, inspired me to watch the show again. I found short clips and even full episodes of the show. It was a major throwback!

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There was a time when my morning routine was waking up, eating breakfast and turning on the TV to watch the Teletubbies. It’s funny how when I mention the Teletubbies to my friends, some of them actually find them terrifying.

This is the GIF I made from one of the episodes I watched. It’s Lala going in for a nap. Honestly, so relatable. You know when you’ve made plans and then the day comes and you actually would rather be at home? I would definitely use this as my funny reaction GIF if I found out my plans cancelled. What can I say, sometimes, taking naps are way better than going out!

How I created this GIF:

I went to a website called, GifRun, typed in the YouTube video URL, and clicked Get Youtube video.

From there, I was able to choose my start time and adjust the duration of the GIF.

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  1. Hi Angel! This post made me laugh. I used to love the Teletubbies when I was younger – Lala was my favorite! funny how things from our childhood come full circle, now we are making GIFs and memes out of those shows.

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