My Very Own Spubble

Not my Crossaint!

After reading the prompt for this speech bubble assignment, I immediately thought of this photo of me. I decided to make my speech bubble say “Did I really just dropped my croissant?” because I thought it was silly and fits with the sad expression I was making. In general, isn’t it always the worst when you drop your food?!

Once I picked the photo from my phone I transferred it to my computer and put it in a Word document. To make the speech bubble, I went to this site. I typed the saying and saved it as a PNG image instead of a GIF. Then, I opened it to the Word document and pasted the speech bubble on top of my photo. To do this I had to click “Bring Forward” on the Picture Format settings panel. Lastly, I decided to blur the name tag I originally had and pasted a sad face over it, just for laughs. Then, I saved the picture and done!

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