Postcard from Paris!


For my third Design Assignment, I picked the Destination Post Card prompt.

I have never been to Paris, but it has been a dream vacation. Going to France, in general, would be such an incredible experience, especially visiting all of the well-known tour sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I have been learning French since the 7th grade. Although I am nowhere near fluent, I always like to practice when I get the chance. My family all knows how to speak a little bit of French. The conversations don’t go on for very long, mostly because we end up confusing one another. Anyway, I am really considering whether I should continue taking French classes at school. I stopped after taking Frech 202… Let’s just say my pronunciation and vocabulary are not any better. So I thought to myself, what’s a better place to practice the French language than France itself?!

Because I never visited Paris, I don’t have any pictures of my own. I went to and chose a photo that I liked.

I used the Phonto app on my phone to edit the photo.

Image result for phonto

I uploaded the photo by clicking the camera logo in the bottom of the screen, and clicked Load image – Photo Albums.

To add the words, you click anywhere on the picture and “Add Text” will pop up.

I typed in the phrases: “Bonjour”, “from”, and “Paris, France”. These were added as 3 separate texts. To add the coffee cup, I clicked Symbols.

To change the font size, I clicked on the text and Size, I moved the dot to the right to enlarge the font.

To change the font color, I clicked on the text, then clicked Styles. To make the font white, I made that the green, red, and blue pigment was on the highest setting, 255.

To change the font style, I clicked on the text and clicked Font. I wanted the letters to be simple yet elegant and fancy looking. I settled for a cursive font called, Great Vibes.

Once all of the edits are done, I positioned the words in opposite corners and TA DA!

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