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For my second Design Assignment, I chose to do the Decorate UMW Spirit Rock prompt. Walking around campus, I have always seen the spirit rock so beautifully decorated, I am glad that I can get a chance to decorate it myself with this assignment. I decided to take a personal approach with the decorations, personal yet UMW related.

A handful of my friends at UMW are graduating a year before me or after me. Their graduating years are even numbers, which means that they are Goats. I am a Devil. We always get along… except on Devil Goat Day. That’s the day where we get extremely competitive. They could never accept the fact that Devils are better than Goats, even though us Devils continuously conquer on Devil Goat Day! Did I mention that the Devils won the 2019 Devil Goat Day? I decided that designing the UMW Spirit Rock was the perfect opportunity to show them who’s the best!

How I created this edit:

I google searched for a basic photo of the UMW spirit rock:

I also searched for a simple photo of a cartoon devil:

I took the image of the UMW spirit rock to my notes app. With the scribble feature, I used the black pen to cover up the design and create a black canvas.

I saved the picture to my phone and transferred the photo of the rock and the devil to Adobe Photoshop Mix

Image result for adobe photoshop mix

For the images to be in order, I made sure the photos are layered correctly. I set the rock as the bottom layer and the devil as the top layer.

Now that the layers are set, I used the Basic Cut Out Eraser tool, to crop out the background and the body of the devil, leaving only its head and horns.

After that, I centered and enlarged the edit of the devil’s head. I used the Blend – Difference feature to create a faint background for the rock.

Next, I went to add a few of the Devils’ graduating years. To do this, I clicked Add a Layer – Text. I created 3 separate layers for the 3 different years.

Once the Text Layers are added, I enlarged the font to 175% and changed the font style to Chalkduster.

When the style and size were set, I used the Blend – Softlight effect, to make it blend with the devil, but appear to be on top.

Once all of my edits were finished, I clicked Send To Camera Roll, and downloaded the picture.


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