What’s in my Bag?

My Essentials

For my third Visual Assignment, I chose the “What’s in Your Bag?” prompt. I keep my everyday backpack pretty clean and simple, or at least I try to!

The main essential things that I carry with me are:

  • Wallet
    • Besides my cards and money, my set of keys are attached to my wallet, so that is important!
  • Earbuds
    • Wherever I go I will always be listening to music, a set of earbuds is definitely a must-have.
  • Lipbalms
    • One of my pet peeves is having dry lips, it’s so uncomfortable! I make sure to have one with me at all times, maybe a second one that provides moisture and tint!
  • Pen
    • There are times where I suddenly need to write something down, or sign a receipt. Whatever it might be, having a pen is quite handy.
  • Glasses Wipe
    • Because I wear glasses everyday, the lens catch dust and have smudges on them, so I like to clean it often, and using the wipes is better than using my shirt or something!
  • Body Mist
    • I love putting body mist on before heading out, but often times I forget, so I just toss it in my bag so I can spritz some on-the-go.
  • Lotion/Hand Cream
    • Going along with dry lips, I also hate dry hands or elbows. I’m not quite sure why I have four mini bottles in my bag, though… but the more the merrier!
  • Fan
    • I keep a mini plastic fan with me to help me cool down in the summer heat.
  • Emergency Poncho
    • I recently put this in my bag because I attended an outdoor graduation ceremony and they were expecting rain, so the staff were handing these out. I thought it was a handy thing to keep in my bag, just in case!

This assignment was a great reminder to clean my everyday bag! After my bag was clean, I laid all of my belongings out on my table and propped up the bag behind everything. Then, I took the photo with my phone. For this picture, I made sure to have a background that was simple and not distracting. I placed each of the items in a certain layout, as well, to make it neat, instead of just a pile of clutter.

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