What’s in my Bag?

My Essentials

For my third Visual Assignment, I chose the “What’s in Your Bag?” prompt. I keep my everyday backpack pretty clean and simple, or at least I try to!

The main essential things that I carry with me are:

  • Wallet
    • Besides my cards and money, my set of keys are attached to my wallet, so that is important!
  • Earbuds
    • Wherever I go I will always be listening to music, a set of earbuds is definitely a must-have.
  • Lipbalms
    • One of my pet peeves is having dry lips, it’s so uncomfortable! I make sure to have one with me at all times, maybe a second one that provides moisture and tint!
  • Pen
    • There are times where I suddenly need to write something down, or sign a receipt. Whatever it might be, having a pen is quite handy.
  • Glasses Wipe
    • Because I wear glasses everyday, the lens catch dust and have smudges on them, so I like to clean it often, and using the wipes is better than using my shirt or something!
  • Body Mist
    • I love putting body mist on before heading out, but often times I forget, so I just toss it in my bag so I can spritz some on-the-go.
  • Lotion/Hand Cream
    • Going along with dry lips, I also hate dry hands or elbows. I’m not quite sure why I have four mini bottles in my bag, though… but the more the merrier!
  • Fan
    • I keep a mini plastic fan with me to help me cool down in the summer heat.
  • Emergency Poncho
    • I recently put this in my bag because I attended an outdoor graduation ceremony and they were expecting rain, so the staff were handing these out. I thought it was a handy thing to keep in my bag, just in case!

This assignment was a great reminder to clean my everyday bag! After my bag was clean, I laid all of my belongings out on my table and propped up the bag behind everything. Then, I took the photo with my phone. For this picture, I made sure to have a background that was simple and not distracting. I placed each of the items in a certain layout, as well, to make it neat, instead of just a pile of clutter.

A Close-Up


For my second Visual Assignment, I picked the “Close-Up Photo” prompt. Here is my mysterious close-up picture. Can you guess what it is? Comment if you have an idea!

It took me some time to figure out what to take a photo of, because there are so many options! Once I decided on the object, I put the Zoom feature on the camera of my phone on high and snap the photo.

My Very Own Spubble

Not my Crossaint!

After reading the prompt for this speech bubble assignment, I immediately thought of this photo of me. I decided to make my speech bubble say “Did I really just dropped my croissant?” because I thought it was silly and fits with the sad expression I was making. In general, isn’t it always the worst when you drop your food?!

Once I picked the photo from my phone I transferred it to my computer and put it in a Word document. To make the speech bubble, I went to this site. I typed the saying and saved it as a PNG image instead of a GIF. Then, I opened it to the Word document and pasted the speech bubble on top of my photo. To do this I had to click “Bring Forward” on the Picture Format settings panel. Lastly, I decided to blur the name tag I originally had and pasted a sad face over it, just for laughs. Then, I saved the picture and done!

Bucket List!

bucket list

For my first Visual Assignment, I chose to do the “Bucket List” prompt. My bucket list consists of:

  • Graduating college
    • This is obviously part of my bucket list, as it would be such a great accomplishment to finish school and get my degree!
  • Visiting Switzerland
    • I once did a project on Switzerland for my French class in the 7th grade, and since then have always wanted to visit.
  • Visiting Korea
    • Korea is one of those countries that I would love to visit and tour around, I especially want to get a taste of the street food they have.
  • Buying my dream home
    • When I am older I hope to be financially stable and be able to buy a home for me and my family.

To create this collage, I saved four royalty free photos, from pexels.com, that fits the description of my bucket list. Then I used an app of my phone “Layout from Instagram” to create the collage. After saving the edit, I transferred the photo to another app called “Phonto”, to add the white text.

Mid Week 1 Summary

I am glad that this class required us students to make and/or use our websites. During my freshman year, I heard that students of UMW are able to create their own websites through the school for free! I was going to make my website, but never got around to it until now.

Even though it was time consuming, I had an easy time creating all of my social media accounts. I think that Flickr took the longest time to figure out. I was already familiar with Twitter and Youtube, mostly because I tweet and watch Youtube videos often. For SoundCloud, I thought the process of uploading the audio files to be more complicated than it was.

So far this week, I did two Daily Creates. My first response was uploaded on Monday, May 20 for Daily Create #tdc2686. My second response was uploaded on Tuesday, May 21 for Daily Create #tdc2687.

One thing I struggled through the week was keeping up with all of the passwords, like my old Yahoo! email that I used to create my Flickr account. Thankfully I found the password saved on a notebook!

Now that I have my own website, I find myself excited to write and post for the blog. I loved putting together the introduction post for my social media platforms. I plan to learn more about customizing my website as well as my other pages.

All These Different Platforms!

I had a fun time creating new accounts for these new social media platforms. At first I was confused while creating some of the accounts because I was not familiar with them except for a few.

For Twitter, I already had an account where I keep up with music artists and other celebrities. However last summer, I made a personal account that is used for school or to keep touch with friends. For right now, I am just using it for school.

I am certain that Youtube is my most-frequently visited website of all time. I am subscribed to so many channels and watch all kinds of Youtubers. Though apart from uploading an intro video for another online class that I took last summer, I have never made a video myself. I also realize that being in front of the camera makes me a bit more awkward than usual!

I always hear about SoundCloud from my musically-talented friends and other artists that I follow on Instagram and such. I go on it sometimes to check out songs that I friends made, but I never made my own account. I thought that SoundCloud is only for uploading music, but I have seen some social media influencers upload their podcasts. Here is a silly audio clip of me attempting to play the piano, enjoy!

Flickr is the one platform that I was completely unfamiliar with. I had no idea what it was, but I’m glad to find out that it’s a photo-sharing website! I love taking photos of food, and nature. I also love taking photos of my friends and family, especially when I visit new places or go on vacations! I can definitely see myself using it more often in the future.

Always in the Mood for Boba!

So that’s all the new accounts and I cannot wait to familiarize myself with them more and make all sorts of new posts!

Au revoir,